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الن الياس – كالو ختنا Alen Elias – Kalo Khitna 2017

اغنية جديدة للفنان العراقي الموهوب و اخي الكبير الن الياس بعنوان كالو و ختنا و هي من اللون الاشوري و اتمنى الموفقية و النجاح له دوماً بكل اعماله. تجدون ايضاً في باقي الموضوع اغنيته السابقة بعنوان خا قالا التي كانت …

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Alen Elias – Kha Qala الن الياس – خا قالا

I am very pleased to present to you an amazing new song by my dear brother Alen Elias titled Kha Qala which is also the very first ever video clip that I had the pleasure of directing and doing every aspect …

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Weekly Song جورج الياس – هي تما George Elias – Hay Tamma

One of my favorite songs to my dear father from his one of his previous albums. The video was filmed in northern Iraq and it is a hit at parties. Very proud to have a father who’s history of music …

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