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Congratulations Martin & Marcilia on your engagement

All Assyrian events bring me joy for the wonderful people you meet and this couple is no different. I was very happy to be a big part of Martin & Marcilia’s engagement party to DJ and also play some of …

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Congratulations Waleed’s first Holy Communion

Congratulations to Waleed Afram on his first holy communion (tanawil). It was a great Assyrian party last night thanks to the mother Nazdar & the father Khalid who worked tirelessly for over two months preparing for this Assyrian party. It …

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Congratulations Robert & Maryan on your engagement

Congratulations to the beautiful couple Robert & Maryan on their engagement. Such a great night with dancing from start to end. My kind of party. I just love it. Below you’ll find some of the pictures from last night. All …

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Congratulations Morees & Mareen on your engagement

Congratulations to the beautiful couple Morees & Mareen on their engagement this past Saturday night. I had lots of fun especially because of all the wonderful people who were there and turn the party up. I wish you both all the best …

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اغنية الاسبوع حسام الرسام هيماني (هي ماني ماني) سورث مسيحي

أغنية جديدة للفنان حسام الرسام يغنيها باللغة الاشورية بعنوان هيماني من البوم ضوة خدك و هي من لهجة مدينة بطنايا يسكن بها الكثير من المسيحيين. مبادرة حلوة من الفنان و اتمنى ان تعجبكم Hussam AlRassam – Haymani

Congratulations Siezar & Tamara on your engagement

Congratulations to one of my best friends Siezar and his beautiful fiance Tamara on their engagement last night.  The party was very amazing filled with so many other great friends. I wish the both of you all the best in the future. …

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اغنية الاسبوع جورج الياس زورتيلا

من البوم والدي العزيز جورج الياس في 2009 انا و موغبتي اقدم لكم هذا الاسبوع اغنية زورتيلا و اتمنى لكم اسعد الاوقات الحان – جورج الياس كلمات – غريب كوندا توزيع – الن الياس انتاج فضائية اشور George Elias – …

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Congratulations Qusay & Juliana on your engagement

Congratulations Qusay & Juliana on your engagement. I wish the both of you all the best in the future. Some really nice pictures from the night. All photography is done by me as usual (with some help from the photographer of …

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Weekly Song جورج الياس – هي تما George Elias – Hay Tamma

One of my favorite songs to my dear father from his one of his previous albums. The video was filmed in northern Iraq and it is a hit at parties. Very proud to have a father who’s history of music …

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