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That moves to the Beat

Take your event to the next level with beautiful LED lighting that syncs to the beat.

Event Lighting


How it works

Choose a Package to start

Party Lights Setup (depending on venue size & guests number)

Large (160+)

Recommended for larger events with big venues accommodating over 160 guests.

Medium (120-160)

Recommended for medium size events with venues accommodating 110-160 guests.

Small (under 100)

Recommended for smaller events with venues accommodating up to 110 guests.

Why Use Lights?

good lighting

great event

Custom lighting style per song even designed/programmed for each event, to provide a unique memorable experiences that looks fantastic..

Weddings, engagements, birthday parties, or concerts & live performances, you choose the color(s) you want the event’s mood to be & give your guests a well-rounded or consistent tone through out to exceed everyone’s expectations. Make this a night to remember for all and get that “wow” you truly deserve.

Find out How


The Right Options for you

You may want a monogram projector to emphasize your symbols/names and show your love in a special visualized way (for weddings & similar events) but you may consider a few uplights to have more focus towards it to bring out all the details you decided on when you chose the monogram design.

Also, nothing speaks party more than beautiful moving lights and for that you need the dance lights which come with a powerful haze machine that brings out all the beautiful light beams to further enhance the effects & colors.

More Details

Dance Lights

Spectacular intelligent moving lights & lasers that change colors, shapes (GOBOs), and other effects controlled by DJ Eddie for a custom look every time.

Monogram & Video Projection

Your names / initials / symbols videos (static or animated) in light on any wall or the floor (or both).

UP Lights

Highlight the venue, bridal and / or cake table, and entrance with beautiful strong static or changing color lights (64 colors including UV) beaming up or angled.

Haze & More

Makes everything better when used tastefully to make lights beams crisp & punchy. Also provide 18 Inch Multi Color Flashing Glow LED Foam Sticks, Wands, Batons.


With or Without DJ Service

Providing the lighting service doesn’t have to be a package with DJ Eddie’s entertainment service as it can be an individual service on its own. Works with any other event (live band or other DJ). If combined with DJ Eddie’s entertainment service, you will receive a discount on both services as a whole since this is now a package.

Band Lighting

Midi Controller



The special thing about these light setups is they go to the music (not just sound active like some of the halls that offer lighting). This actually is programmed to follow the beat and change the colors and make moves specifically designed for each event (programmed by DJ Eddie) to give your night the special feeling it deserves.

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Monogram Design

Being a web & graphic designer in the daytime has helped DJ Eddie build the skills to make amazing designs which will be showcased using a high end projector to show your static or animated monogram design to all your guests. This can and is usually projected onto a wall or the floor (or both in some cases).


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Dance Lights

Big beautiful lights with haze machine




Amber Color Up Lighting for canopy



Small Dance Lights

Lighting from a small size wedding



Large Dance Lights

A beautiful wedding lighting setup



Engagement Lighting Setup

Perfect for smaller events



Up Lighting

Head table Up Lights


Up light Colors


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SQFT Light Coverage


WATTS of LED Light Power



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