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DJ and Percussionist living in Canada performing the best music. الفنان دي جي ايدي و عازف الايقاعات ساكن في كندا و يحيي جميع انواع الحفلات و المناسبات

De La Ghetto, Nicky Jam – Sube La Music (remake of Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go)

This week I share a new take on a song that has really great memories for me. Sube La Music by De La Ghetto, Nicky Jam is one of those really nice remixes or remakes in my opinion for a …

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Congratulations Sabah & Angelica on your Wedding

Outdoor weddings are great because you don’t always know what to expect and this wedding had lots going for it. A big congratulations to my friend Sabah & his bride Angelica on their wedding. A night to remember for sure …

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تامر حسني & محمود العسيلي – اختراع Tamer Hosny & Mahmoud El Esseily – Ekhteraa

اغنية جديدة للفنانين تامر حسني & محمود العسيلي بعنوان اختراع من البوم فولاذي ولها فيديو رائع جداً مليئاً بالحيوية الاغنية تخطت 6 ملايين مشاهدة على يوتيوب في اول 3 ايام و اتوقع لها نجاحاً كبيراً في الوطن العربي في الاشهر …

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لو – سيف نبيل | Loo – Saif Nabeel

اخر اغنية للفنان العراقي سيف نبيل بعنوان لو و وصلت الى تقريباً 10 مليون مشاهده في شهر واحد الاغنية لها احساس و “ستايل” غربي جميل كما اعتاد الفنان ان يقدم ببضع من اغانيه التي تجعله يقدم شي مختلف في العديد …

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Congratulations Bassam & Tara on your Engagement

My first engagement party this year and also during COVID19 which makes this a special occasion since we had to follow special rules and regulations to keep everything and everyone safe. Congratulations to Bassam & Tara on their engagement and …

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Congratulations Karam & Lydia on your Wedding

The first COVID19 wedding of the year for me and I have to say I wasn’t sure what to expect but things went very well. This Iraqi wedding was the first one that had the groom Youssef & bride Sarah …

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Dua Lipa – Levitating (Remix with Missy Elliott & Madonna & Original)

A true talent with her latest song Levitating getting a remix that was teased by Dua Lipa on social media. She teamed up with Missy Elliott & Madonna to get “The Blessed Madonna Remix” which I have here in this …

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