Alen Elias – Kha Qala

I am very pleased to present to you an amazing new song by my dear brother Alen Elias titled Kha Qala which is also the very first ever video clip that I had the pleasure of directing and doing every aspect of it from start to finish including videography and all post production & VFX work.

I really hope you enjoy it and take the time to notice all the details. This comes after a lot of patience and hard work so take your time to watch it. I should also mention that the song is also fantastic to listen to over and over again since my brother did an excellent job not only singing but for arrangement, mixing and mastering. Make sure you have a good set of speakers for this.

I’ll let you now enjoy this music video hoping to get some feedback.

Merry Christmas everyone and God bless you all. Thanks!



الن الياس – خا قالا

بكل سرور اقدم لكم اغنية اخي الفنان الن الياس في اغنية خا قالا مع فيديو كليب جديد من اخراجي وتصويري. اتمنى ان ينال اعجابكم خصوصاً انه اتى بعد الكثير من الجهد وبالأكثر في المونتاج. الأغنية من كلمات والدي الفنان جورج الياس و توزيع الفنان الن الياس

كل عام و أنتم بألف خير وعيد سعيد يعم على الجميع في كل أنحاء العالم

Alen Elias – Kha Qala (official video clip teaser)

Merry Christmas

DJ Eddie brings you the best music always

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