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  • Early Summer mix from DJ Eddie
  • DJ Eddie11 from Vancouver Canada
  • دي جي ايدي من العراق
  • DJ Eddie
  • Vancouver's Best Arabic and Multicultural DJ

Congratulations Luna & Emily on your Baptism

A beautiful Baptism party I had the pleasure to DJ at last Friday June the 14th which was at Bollywood...
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Congratulations Luna & Emily on your Baptism

أمير يزبك وأمينة – اخلع Amir Yazbeck & Amina – Ekhlaa

هذا الاسبوع احب ان اشارككم بأغنية جديدة بعنوان اخلع من الفنانة المصرية امينة و الفنان اللبناني امير يزبك الاغنية جميلة...
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أمير يزبك وأمينة – اخلع Amir Yazbeck & Amina – Ekhlaa

شذى حسون و ستار سعد – هلا بغداد

اغنية جميلة و جديدة من الفنانين شذى حسون و ستار سعد بعنوان هلا بغداد مع فيديو رائع ملئ بالنجوم العراقية...
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شذى حسون و ستار سعد – هلا بغداد


Your Event, Your DJ

Your Event, Your DJ

If you are looking for a DJ that could do just about everything, you’ve come to the right place. Providing you with many possibilities with small to large events. Whatever event you have such as a wedding, an engagement, baptism, first communion, graduation, or any other event, DJ Eddie will rock your night as well as your guests. Your ideas and styles are taken into consideration at all times making sure your night is personal.

Music Types/Genres

Music Types/Genres

DJ Eddie provides many different types of music for any culture and ethnicity. Contact me for your event to discuss things further. Providing many types and genres of music has been one of the main things DJ Eddie continues to do since the beginning of his career. More often than not, you see disc jockeys providing top hits and music that fits for clubs and all party types as well as music in different languages and styles and DJ Eddie is keen on getting you even more every time.

Multicultural DJ

Multicultural DJ

DJ Eddie (based in Metro Vancouver but is able and willing to travel to wherever your event is hosted) provides all types of mixes and remixes for all the top hits. DJ Eddie will make you dance all night to the best sounds and music such as English hits including techno, dance, hip-hop, reggae, R&B and much more. Also provides Arabic (which consists of Iraqi songs of all types, Lebanese, Egyptian, Moroccan, Algerian, Jordanian, Palestanian, Assyrian and Chaldean).


استمتعوا بأجمل الاغاني و اروع المكس او الريمكسات في كل مناسبة مع دي جي ايدي اتصل للمزيد من المعلومات

استمتعوا مع دي جي ايدي بكافة الاغاني العربية التي تشمل العراقي و الخليجي و المصري و اللبناني و اروع الدبكات الشامية و اجمل اغاني تونس و الجزائر والمغرب بالاضافة الي الاغاني الدبكات الاشورية و ايضا الاغاني الاجنبية او الغربية بجميع انواعها

A good DJ wants you to hear the music. A great DJ wants you to feel it.

My audience listen to my music because they


LOVE it.

A good DJ mixes but a great DJ performs

When you can’t feel anything else, you can always Feel the Beat

One good thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain

Music is the medicine of mind

The only universal language is music

You are what you listen to

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence

Everyone Deserves Music

Music is my way of expressing feelings

Dear Music, Thank you for being there when nobody was

Music can change the world because it can change people


Call or email today to find out what DJ Eddie provides.

Contact me TODAY 778-386-3711

Here are a few videos that show some events I’ve had a chance to get someone with a camera to capture the night’s magic. Comment, subscribe for more good stuff.