Congratulations Hasan & Eman on your Wedding

What a night! First of all Congrats to the sweet Iraqi couple Hasan & Eman on their wedding (Nov 10, 2019) and very glad I was their DJ.

I was especially excited to once again use my DJ Lights (large setup) and show case the different styles/movements and colors I pre-programmed to work with the event. The people seemed to really enjoy that. Hoping to have a lot of the wedding and other event videos uploaded sometime to show it all but you really have to be there to get the full experience.

The music was excellent and sound system exceeded the expectations as usual but let me tell you a quick story about live remixing. There are songs which are loved by most but lack the beat that make you move and that night I added some flare to “Hobna Al Akbar” by Ahmad AlMaslawi & Qais Hisham and this gave me an idea to make a remix of it in the very near future especially with all things happening now in Iraq. I think this was a very sweet LIVE REMIX which I have done in the past as well (using 2-3 tracks simultaneously).

As usual, I mixed many different Iraqi and Arabic music through out the night and near the end some requests came for Latino/Reggaeton music which everyone was really into. Me too actually!

Check out some of the photos I captured during the night (some are screenshots of the cameras as well until videos are edited) as well as a few live videos. I will also post more videos filmed with my pro cameras later on.


View photos on a large screen to see it as beautiful as it’s intended





Congratulations Hasan & Eman and all my best goes to you both. God bless you.

الف مبروك للعرسان الطيبين حسن و ايمان و اتمنى لكم السعادة الدائمة


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