Congratulations Nejem & Rawan on your Wedding

This wedding is probably the highlight of 2019 for me. Nejem & Rawan’s wedding was one of the most memorable Palestinian weddings I DJayed at and one of the best weddings I DJayed at so far in 2019. Oh where do I even start? It was a busy night filled with energy from the moment it started till the very last song.

I think I played at least 8 different genres on Sat July 6 including the top Arabic hits and bets English music as well. The location was the beautiful Northview golf course which had a different location for the head table from the usual but everyone at the venue was amazed with the transformation. I think Nejem and Rawan planned this very well with the help of their wedding coordinator Steph. Excellent job I must say!

So they bride and groom entered with the traditional Arabic (Palestinian in this case) Zaffe with the Jafra Dabke Team all the way from Seattle. A great experience and probably a first dabke group to be in Vancouver in a while from what I’ve seen.

Then the transition came into my part where I played some of their requests for the entrance song and a couple of slow songs including the groom and bride’s first song. After that came some dancing and I turned that dance floor on. I mean it looked like there was no more room on the dance floor and this was only the first half of the night.

After that came some speeches, dinner and some other wedding party stuff that is much too special to go into detail here but then later around 10pm is where most of the magic happened. Here is where the second entrance came followed by what people said was a non-stop party till the end of the night. Here is where I used my big DJ lighting setup which looked totally amazing. I’ll be uploading videos of these later as well. It’s truly a beautiful scene.

I think the way people danced and enjoyed the night kept me happy and had me give more to them as well. Even the dabke group came to me and were astounded by the amazing music I prepared and played during the night.

I will now leave you with a couple of live videos and some photos I was able to capture but it’s nothing like being there. This is just a glimpse of what happened but take my word, it was AWESOME!

Nejem and Rawan, thank you for letting me be your wedding DJ. It was my pleasure to do this for you and your guests which seemed to really enjoy it as well. Great job with all the planning. I think it went very well and all the best in the future to you both. Congratulations on your wedding!

Here are a few moments I captured which I hope you enjoy!

الف مبروك للعرسان الحلوين نجم و روان و اتمنى لكم السعادة الدائمة



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