Congratulations Harith & Amnah on your Wedding

Love and respect is a beautiful thing to have between couple and I found that between Harith & Amnah on the first time I met them. I’d like to first say congratulations on your wedding & thanks for choosing me to be your wedding DJ.

It’s amazing to see two people have great respect for each other’s opinions and choices. Not only that but also encourage that about each other. These two had lots of that going on so congrats on that as well.

I had a beautiful uplight setup for this wedding with a perfect amber color to accent the decoration and give the night a unique look. The up lights I used made a big difference to both the entrance canopies and the bride and groom’s head table. I really loved how they looked and it was nice to get positive feedback from guests about it too.

My setup also included the large dance lights which were a big hit that night (Aug 23, 2019) as the people’s reactions was positive through out. It felt very good to give something not many are doing at the moment (lights intensity, fx, and movements flow to/with the beat and music I play). This is something I take pride in because it requires lots of preparation and taste which thankfully has paid off so far by seeing the joy and high level of excitement during the events where I have it.

Thankfully it wasn’t just the light show that people were excited about but also the music I played. Everyone had a great time dancing to the different styles of music and all the compliments I received for my DJaying and lighting made me happy and eager to do more.

I think this was a great night for all based on the feedback I got from many and especially the bride and groom which were the at center of the night.


People danced all night to all the amazing Iraqi and Arabic music I played including some of my mixes and remixes which you can find on my site. I’ll post some clips that show some parts of the night later but in the meantime enjoy some of the moments my camera was able to capture when possible. A dance floor packed with people was a joy to see as usual.


Congratulations to Harith & Amnah on your wedding. God bless you for each other and best of luck in your future together. Enjoy!

الف مبروك للعرسان حارث و امنى و اتمنى لكم السعادة الدائمة

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