Congratulations Ahmad & Shahad on your Wedding

With so many of my friends at this wedding, I had a great time playing all the Iraqi hits at Ahmad & Shahad’s wedding on Sunday. As usual, everyone enjoyed themselves so it was easy for me to get going and having the very friendly staff at Dhaliwal hall made it all better. I leave you with some pictures from the night when I had time to capture something (with some help from the photographers there as well).

Also check out a couple of videos here (went live)

During the night, I played a special Arosa remix which I just released for Iraqi singer Esraa Al Asial which they loved and asked about after a bit. The mix is also on many platforms for you guys to enjoy and hopefully it finds its way to all the lovely fans. You can see the remix in action in the video below plus another one before that when the bride and groom had just entered the hall.

Listen Esraa Elasel – 3arosa (DJ Eddie Remix) استمع الى اسراء الاصيل – عروسة دي جي ايدي ريميكس

Congratulations Ahmad & Shahad and I wish you all the happiness together.

الف مبروك للعرسان الحلوين احمد و شهد و اتمنى لكم السعادة الدائمة

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