Congratulations Yazan & Lourde on your Engagement

A wonderful night of dancing full of humble people. I was so glad the DJ for Yazan and Lourde’s Engagement party on Sat June 29, 2019. A beautiful night with so much dancing it felt like the dance floor is where people sat since it was so packed most of the night.

I loved the crowd since they danced to all types of music. I played lots of good old hiphop and nice new R&B and hiphop music as well and people loved both. Videos will be uploaded later and will show some of the night’s highlights including a good amount of dancing to best Iraqi music and some of the amazing Egyptian songs as well including parts of my latest Egyptian Mix.

The photographer for the night was Constantine and is one of the nicest guys I met. Always a pleasure to work with such people.

A great night overall as many guests gave me the thumbs up which I really appreciate. It makes the night easier for sure.

Finally I would like to congratulate Yazan and Lourde on their engagement and best wishes to you both in your journey together. Enjoy some of the photos and videos I was able to capture for you.

الف مبروك خطوبة يزن و لورد و كل الموفقية في حياتكم في المستقبل



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