Era Istrefi – Bonbon

Check out this song from Albanian Kosovar singer and songwriter Era Istrefi called Bonbon! The song is a mix of Albanian and English in some places. I love the beat and I think the song deserves some attention. Check it out and find the lyrics with translation right next to it.


Song lyrics

Un jom Era
Un jom Era edhe koha jeme o tu ardhë..

Nëse jo ti
E du un vetën

Skom nevoje per ty heeejo
Edhe vet un e theeejo
Sun m’rrxon jom kneeejo
Sun e bon sun e bon sun e bon sun e bon bon

Bon bon edhe nëse sbon sbon
Don don
Bet u wanna taste it
Bon bon
Bet u wanna taste it I
E di qe ti don don x2

Hajde merëm ikim
Nese e don qiken
King je deri ta qes piken x2

Sunday night
I put a light
In my blunt right

S’nihëm mo s’m vyn kurgjo
Kur t’m vyn sje mo
Mke përdor
Futja futja haaajt
Gonna be alrightt

Bounce edhe rrite rrite basin yo
Cz my time has come rrite basiiin
Po dojn me bo si na
se na high jena ndi gat, high & mellow
Uu qa kom pas spe masim
Uu ti ma ke thy pasin
Mi lexoj sytë edhe shprehjen n’buuz
E skenoj kejt qa kom nër blluuuz

Honey veq ni sen para sy ta kishë
T’kom tregu qe me mu kur e prishë e prishë
Plot mund’si jo ma anej
Se kur ftofë niherë, jo mo nuk e nxej

I’m Era
I’m Era and my time’s coming..

If you don’t love me
then I’ll love myself

I don’t need you heeeyo
I can have fun by myself
You can’t put me down, I’m here
You can’t do it, can’t do it, can’t do it, can’t do it do it

It’s okay okay* even if it’s not okay not okay
You want, you want
Bet you wanna taste it
It’s okay, it’s okay
Bet you wanna taste it I
I know you want want want x2

Come get me and let’s leave
If you want the girl
You’re the king as long as I say so x2

Sunday night
I put a light
In my blunt right

We don’t hear from each other anymore, don’t need you at all
When I do,you’re not here anymore
You used me
Dammit dammit whatever
Gonna be alright

Bounce and increase increase the bass yo
Cuz my time has come, increase the bass
They wanna do it like us
Cause we’re high, yes we’re high & mellow
Oo let’s not talk about what I had
Oo you broke my password
He read my eyes and the expression on my lips
Scanned everything I had under my top

Honey, bear one thing in mind
I told you that once you mess it with me, it’s over
Many chances no more
Cause when you cool it once, I don’t heat it anymore

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