Congratulations Amr & Alya on your Wedding

Egyptian weddings have a special vibe. This one especially seemed like everyone felt like home.

I was pleased to be part of this wedding party and had lots of fun playing my favorite tunes including my Amr Diab mix which everyone seemed to really enjoy. I think can say that everyone here really enjoys Amr Diab music.

The highlights of this night was some of the attendees and the groom dancing with the big stick like Sa’ayda (Sa3ayda) to some amazing tunes.

I also played a bit of my upcoming Egyptian mix here and that definitely turned up the night. We ended the party with one Iraqi song (Ta3al) which seems to be a hit among Egyptians and then I played a final song by Hussein Al Jasmy which you guessed it, it was Boshrit Khier. A really nice way to end a perfect wedding night.

Congratulations to this wonderful couple and I wish you both a life time of happiness. It was awesome to DJ for such nice and humble people.

I was able to capture a few moments which I hope you enjoy!

الف مبروك للعرسان الحلوين عمر و علياء و اتمنى لكم السعادة الدائمة

ترقبوا كل ما هو جديد دوماً مع دي جي ايدي
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