Congratulations Karim & Hadeel on your Wedding

Congratulations to Karim and Hadeel on a beautiful wedding filled with joy and laughter. Great speeches through out the night and it was my pleasure to be the DJ for your wedding.
I wish the both of you all the best in the future and a wonderful prosperous long life together.

Some really nice pictures from the night. All photography is done by me as usual (with some help from Emeal Al Hermez). A shout out to all the amazing people from SVG wonderful photography and video for all your events.

الف مبروك الى كريم وهديل على زواجكم و بالرفاه و البنين

About DJ Eddie

DJ and Percussionist living in Canada performing the best music. الفنان دي جي ايدي و عازف الايقاعات ساكن في كندا و يحيي جميع انواع الحفلات و المناسبات

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