Congratulations Sadeer & Angie on your Engagement

A beautiful night from the start. I think Sadeer & Angie’s engagement party was one of my favorite and most lit Assyrian parties this year and I was extremely excited to be their event’s DJ.

Assyrian parties are always known for the dancing and this one was no different. The people were so eager to dance to all the different Khigga music (best Khigga songs always) and of course the loved the Iraqi songs (played some new Iraqi music which they seemed to like a lot)

Special shout out to SVG boys Naseer & Carlos. Amazing job as always (thanks for the help with photos of me Carlos)

I think the guests loved everything tonight as I tried to play a mixture of different songs than I usually do and it went very well.

Congratulations Sadeer & Angie on your engagement. You guys look great together and from the short time I spent at your event I found you very sweet and kind so best of luck to you both in your future days to come. Enjoy some of the photos and videos I was able to capture for you.

كانت حفلة خطوبتكم رائعة مليئة باوقات جميلة من ضمنها اغاني السلو دانس و جميع انواع اغاني الخكة و اغاني الردح العراقي.

الف مبروك خطوبة سدير و انجي اتمنى لكم كل الموفقية في حياتكم في المستقبل


12:01am (midnight)

ترقبوا كل ما هو جديد دوماً مع دي جي ايدي
DJ Eddie brings you the best music always

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