Congratulations Nova & Marina on your Engagement

When you have people who are ready to dance, the night will be lit no matter what but of course it helps when the DJ plays the best music (and mixes it well too)! Nova and Marina got engaged this past Saturday Apr 27 and I was glad to be their engagement DJ. Lots of fun with all the Armenian dancing especially from the start of the night which went pretty well.

This was my very first Armenian engagement and I have to say it was truly a lot of fun. The people were wonderful and very eager to dance and have a good time. The night started with a beautiful young ring boy and flower girl entering the hall followed by the groom to be who picked up the bride to be and walked down to the stage were they danced for a bit until the priest came and added the word of God to bless the two and their rings.

Then followed a lot of dancing since dinner was a bit later which gave me lots of time to play the best Iraqi music and also the newest and latest Armenian music. Also played some nice Arabic songs through out the night to give a nice variety for everyone.


I’m glad that people enjoyed the percussion I played with my Yamaha DTX Multi12 even though my Roland DJ 808 has some capabilities with its 8 pads on either side but the feel of playing with sticks is much closer to the real thing (percussion instruments) which I hope to bring and use in future events.

Again I played a few of my own creations including the latest Iraqi mix which was very well received by everyone and instantly got the crowd going.

Overall I think this night was spectacular and a great success as many guests came and told me what I great DJ I was and how much fun they had that night. I really appreciate hearing these kinds of comments from people.

Final words here to wrap this post. Congratulations on your engagement Nova and Marina and I wish you all the best in the future for your big day if it was in Vancouver or in your home location Nova. Great meeting you both and all your wonderful guests. Thanks for allowing me to be a big part of your special night as your DJ and I hope you like the photos and videos I have here for you. Enjoy!

الف مبروك خطوبة نوفا و مارينا و اتمنى لكم السعادة الدائمة مع محبة الرب لكم




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