Congratulations Rony & Sued on your wedding

One Word “WOW”! Kurdish weddings seem to be LIT and by that I mean people really love to dance. I played so many types of music during the night and it seemed like more than 90% of people were dancing pretty much all the time. From Kurdish Dabke mixing into Iraqi ردح then to English Pop & Reggaeton and on and on. Beautiful night I tell ya! (Sep 1st, 2018)

I leave you with some pictures and videos which seems to show it all somewhat at least. I had a blast and I KNOW EVERYONE ELSE DID TOO.

Thanks to the lovely couple for giving me the pleasure to play at my first ever Kurdish wedding party and not only to DJ for the Kurds but also play some amazing Dahola for their dancing on my percussion instrument. Loved it! Congratulations Rony & Sued and all the best to you in your marriage.

Thanks to Emil for the help with the pictures 🙂

الف مبروك للعرسان الحلوين روني و سعاد و اتمنى لكم السعادة الدائمة

ترقبوا كل ما هو جديد دوماً مع دي جي ايدي
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