DJ Lighting (dance lights & uplights / mood lights or ambient lights)

Dancing Lights

DJ Eddie has top of the line lighting fixtures and uses a beautiful setup that matches any event type or size. The special thing about these light setups is they go to the music (not just sound active like some of the halls that offer lighting). This actually is programmed to follow the beat and change the colors and make moves specifically designed for each event (programmed by DJ Eddie) to give your night the special feeling it deserves.


Up lighting can be added to your event hall or venue to give a beautiful touch and complete the decoration. It also can be programmed to work with the music / beat so you can dim down the venue lights and watch the spectacular lights changing (color, fade, and other options) to the beat. Uplighting or mood lighting can be as small as only for the head table and entrance canopy and as large as filling the entire hall (usually specific wall posts) with ambient light.

dj lights setup


DJ Lighting setups (photos and videos coming soon)

Large Party Lights Setup

Recommended for larger events (over 150 people)

Medium Party Lights Setup

Recommended for medium size events (100-150 people)

Small Party Lights Setup

Recommended for small events (under 100 people)




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