Congratulations Salam & Sarah

Another beautiful celebration of love with the engagement of Salam & Sarah. I had a pleasure of being their engagement DJ. What a night!

It was so nice to see so many of the friendly faces I know during the night. Lots of pictures all lots of good friends. Everyone loved the music and danced pretty much all night.

Below are a few pictures from the night which I was able to capture with my Camera.

I wish you both a great journey and lots of happiness in your life together. God bless you both!

اسعدني جداً انني كنت الدي جي لحفلة خطوبتكم

الف مبروك للعرسان الحلوين سلام و ساره على خطوبتهم و ان شاء الله كل التوفيق في المستقبل لكما

ترقبوا كل ما هو جديد دوماً مع دي جي ايدي
DJ Eddie brings you the best music always

About DJ Eddie

DJ and Percussionist living in Canada performing the best music. الفنان دي جي ايدي و عازف الايقاعات ساكن في كندا و يحيي جميع انواع الحفلات و المناسبات


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