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DJ and Percussionist living in Canada performing the best music. الفنان دي جي ايدي و عازف الايقاعات ساكن في كندا و يحيي جميع انواع الحفلات و المناسبات

Congratulations Seemon & Hanan on Manuela’s Baptism

“For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body” Congratulations to Seemon and his wife on their daughter’s baptism. Manuela’s Baptism party was a real joy as you see all close family truly gather to …

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Meghan Trainor – Marry Me

This week I’d like to share a great new wedding love song by Meghan Trainor called Marry Me. Brand new song and has such lovely lyrics and tunes. I think this could be played as the first slow dance song …

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Valentine’s Day Party Lebanese & Iraqi St George Church community

I had the pleasure to be the Arabic DJ for the Lebanese & Iraqi community at St George church for Valentine’s Party last night at Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby and it was a pretty amazing night. The crowd enjoyed …

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Top Love Songs for this Valentine’s Day Best Love & Romance Music

Well love and happiness should be celebrated every day and that’s why you should listen to this amazing love music playlist I created whenever possible not just on Valentine’s Day. I’ve hand picked some of the most amazing love songs …

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اجمل اغاني الحب و عيد الحب Best Arabic Love songs

بمناسبة عيد الحب يسعدني ان اهدي للجميع اجمل اغاني الحب الجديدة من الكثير من المطربين العرب الكبار على الساحة الفنية. حاولت ان اجمع احدث الاغاني بقدر الاستطاع و ايضاً من مختلف الدول و اللهجات لكي يكون هناك مكان واحد للأستماع …

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حسام الماجد و نصرت البدر – اويلي الشوك Hussim Almajed & Nasrat AlBadir – Awele Alshok

يقدما الفنانين العراقيين حسام الماجد و نصرت البدر اغنية جديدة بعنوان اويلي الشوك وهذا هو عمل جديد و تعاون جديد بين الاثنين حيث كان لهم اعمال عدة معاً سابقاً. شاهدوا الفيديو و تابعوا كلمات الأغنية في باقي الموضوع كما عودكم …

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محمد رمضان – مافيا Mohamed Ramadan – Mafia

اغنية جديدة للممثل و المغني المصري محمد رمضان بعنوان مافيا الذي شاهد انتشاراً كبيراً و سجل نجاحاً ساحقاً على يوتيوب بأكثر من 35 مليون مشاهدة في اقل من شهر. الفيديو كليب له فكرة مميزة و تجعل الأغنية مثيرة اكثر. تابعوا …

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Congratulations Ammar & Wasan on Selina’s baptism

“For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body” Thanks to Ammar & Wasan on the invite to DJ at Selina’s baptism. It was an honor especially because I’ve had the pleasure to DJ at …

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Congratulations Amr & Alya on your Wedding

Egyptian weddings have a special vibe. This one especially seemed like everyone felt like home. I was pleased to be part of this wedding party and had lots of fun playing my favorite tunes including my Amr Diab mix which …

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