Monthly Archives: June 2014

Weekly song Michael Jackson tribute

Five years after the king of pop Michael Joseph Jackson died, I give you a few of my personal favorites (just a few because I love most of this amazing singer-songwriter and dancer) to celebrate his forever growing music. Also check out another song …

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Weekly song Kathom AlSahir – Tathakkar (Remember) كاظم الساهر – تذكر

من اجمل اغاني قيصر الاغنية العربية الفنان الكبير كاظم الساهر اترككم مع اغنية تذكر وهذا هو ندائنا و كل من فقد له قريب او صديق في ظل الظروف التي يمر بها العراق الحبيب Iraqi and Arabic singer Kathom Al Sahir sings …

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DJ Eddie NEW VIDEOS at AlDiwan Restaurant

Alright alright so here I come with some new videos from a couple of birthday parties at AlDiwan Restaurant in Vancouver BC. Hope you like. اجمل اغاني خكة ياقورا و سسكاني و اغاني اجنبية و اسبانية مع ديجي ايدي DJ …

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