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Weekly Song Thinking Out Loud & I’m Not The Only One MASHUP by Sam Tsui & Casey Breves

I found these two guys a few months ago and loved what they do especially because they do it very well. I give you this week Thinking Out Loud & I’m Not The Only One MASHUP by Sam Tsui & …

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Congratulations Firas & Mariam on Manuela’s baptism

Lots of fun with amazing people. I would love the picture of us together (with the baby) when you can send it so I can put it here too 🙂 Congratulations to the beautiful little Manuela & her parents Firas …

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Congratulations Simon & Jacklin on your engagement

An amazing night with amazing people. Congratulations to the beautiful couple and God bless you and your families. ألف مبروك الى احلى سيمون و جاكلين على الخطوبة و انشالله يوم التمام و تعيشون حياة مليئة بالسعادة و الأفراح.

Mohamed Mounir ft The Wailers (who along with Bob Marley defined Reggae Music) – Al Leila ya Samra محمد منير كوك ستوديو

محمد منير و فرقة ذا ويلرز – الليلة يا سمرا في كوك ستوديو بالعربي في السنوات الاخيرة نجد ان العرب و الغرب قد زاد اندماجهم ببعض و نجد في هذه الاغنية مثلاً رائعاً على هذا الشئ مع محمد منير و …

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Weekly Song FIFA World Cup Tribute Official 2014 Brazil Song

It’s World Cup fever and it’s one of the best ones so far. I want to share this with the world to show my love for the beautiful game. I hope for Brazil to win it this year especially since …

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DJ Eddie NEW VIDEOS at AlDiwan Restaurant

Alright alright so here I come with some new videos from a couple of birthday parties at AlDiwan Restaurant in Vancouver BC. Hope you like. اجمل اغاني خكة ياقورا و سسكاني و اغاني اجنبية و اسبانية مع ديجي ايدي DJ …

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